Tamoxifen – 25mgx30ml

Tamoxifen – 25mgx30ml


Tamoxifen is the generic or chemical name of pills that go by brand names such as Tamofen, Tamone, Nolvadex, and Apo-Tamox. There is a liquid version of this prescription medicine as well called Soltamox. Tamoxifen is a SERM or a selective estrogen receptor modulator that may be used for hormonal therapy.

Research shows that Tamoxifen can possibly treat breast cancer in patients as it helps prevent cancer from spreading. It may also be used on patients who have undergone radiation therapy or surgery. In some cases, it may be used by patients who do not have breast cancer yet but are at a high risk of developing it.

Discovered in 1967, Tamoxifen is currently included in the List of Essential Medicines compiled by the World Health Organization. It is regarded as an effective and safe medicine that is necessary in health systems. Tamoxifen may have indications other than prevention of breast cancer.

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Tamoxifen Benefits

Tamoxifen is popularly used on post- and pre-menopausal women with estrogen receptor positive or ER+ breast cancer. It may be possibly used for males who acquired the same disease as well. The FDA has approved the use of Tamoxifen in 1998 to prevent breast cancer in women at a high risk of the disease.

Aside from breast cancer, Tamoxifen may also be used to address infertility issues arising from anovulatory disorders. And since certain studies also show that it can increase testicular testosterone production, it may be used by males with infertility issues as well.

Tamoxifen may also treat or prevent gynecomastia, which pertains to the noncancerous size increase of male breast tissue..

The other benefits of Tamoxifen include lowering cholesterol levels and helping stop bone loss. However, it should not be utilized for conditions other than its known uses. To learn more about Tamoxifen and its effects, consult with a physician.

How Tamoxifen Works

As an SERM, Tamoxifen works by decreasing the growth of breast cells. It blocks the effects of estrogen by attaching to the estrogen receptors that are found in the breast cells. This prescription medicine may be used by both men and women in reducing the instances of breast cancer and other related problems.

However, when Tamoxifen is used inappropriately, certain side effects may occur. These include muscle aches, hot flashes, hair thinning, leg cramps, and headache. The more serious side effects of this drug include persistent vomiting, yellowing of the eyes, and abdominal pain. The use of Tamoxifen should only be done with the prescription and under the supervision of a qualified physician.

The use of Tamoxifen may be contradicted on those with existing medical conditions such as diabetes, high cholesterol, blood clot, cataract, and stroke. It may not be combined with other medicines like Warfarin and Prozac. Those who are smoking or immobile may not use Tamoxifen as well.


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