Selank – 5mg

Selank – 5mg


Selank is a small chain of protein that is used to address anxiety and possibly improve learning. Selank is developed by the Russian Academy of Sciences, particularly the Institute of Molecular Genetics. It is obtained by combining tuftsin with a stabilizing sequence. Tuftsin naturally occurs in the body and makes up the system of a particular antibody.

A study on lab rats shows that Selank helps reduce anxiety while increasing serotonin levels. This is why this peptide is quite popularly used as a nootropic and an antiviral agent. It can possibly be used to treat health issues like generalized anxiety disorders.

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Selank Benefits

There are several benefits to using Selank and the main of which is to possibly address anxiety and depression. A study conducted on lab mice showed that those treated with the substance had fewer anxiety symptoms than those that don’t. The more anxious the lab rats are, the more significant results were observed. Aside from anxiety and depression, there are also studies showing that Selank may help address alcohol withdrawal syndrome, weight gain, and high cholesterol levels.

Another possible use of Selank is improving one’s learning ability. Rats that were given this substance tend to learn more quickly than those who are not. In the same way, it helps to enhance their memory. There are also studies that Selank may help brain damage patients in recovering faster.

Selank may also have a few positive effects on one’s health. The results of these studies are quite promising as they show how Selank may help strengthen one’s immune system, improve blood pressure, and increase antioxidant activities in the liver. There are good indicators that Selank may also be used for treating tumors, cancers, spleen inflammation, and ulcers.

However, the results of these studies are limited and the effect of Selank may vary greatly. As of now, the use of this substance is not intended for human consumption. It may be obtained for testing and research purposes alone.

How Selank Works

Selank works by stabilizing the enkephalins of the blood. Enkephalins are the body’s natural peptides that reduce stress. Selank binds to the GABA receptors, which is why it produces a sedative effect. Researchers discovered that Selank induces more activity in the inhibitory neurons that rely on GABA, thus resulting in less brain activity among lab mice.

Researchers also discovered that Selank increases BDNF, which aids in one’s learning ability and memory sharpness. The change in the brain chemicals initiated by Selank, such as serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine, enhances motivation, focus, and even pleasure.

There are also some side effects associated with Selank and the most common one is fatigue. However, the use of this substance should be for testing or research only.


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