S23 10mgx30ml

S23 10mgx30ml


S23 is another SARM or selective androgen receptor modulator that has a great potential to become a male hormonal contraceptive. Its effects are very similar to that of Andarine or S4, only better. Studies show that S23 can possibly restrain course of sperm cell development. However, sperm cells are also seen to recuperate after the end of treatment.

While that study is still under trial, what’s known as of today is S23’s ability to boost lean muscle mass. Given such fact, it is way better than Andarine in many aspects. Aside from increasing muscle mass, it can also decrease fat cells and the size of the prostate. This is why this substance is very popularly known among bodybuilding circles as a great bulking and cutting agent.

In essence, S23 is a highly improved version of S4. It provides a lot of the latter’s benefits but to a far greater extent and almost without side effects. Bodybuilders tend to call the S23 as the hardener, as it adds up grainy details to the muscles. But do note that the use of S23 is for research and clinical testing only. It has not yet been approved for human consumption.

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S23 Benefits

S23 is popular among bodybuilders because it is a fairly powerful SARM and provides a noticeable increase in lean muscle mass. This great lean mass builder can also double up one’s strength and endurance during high-intensity training. As S23 increases muscle mass, it also enhances the levels of fat oxidation to achieve the desired effect. S23 can easily melt off body fats.

Another known benefit of S23 is how it effectively prevents water retention or fat gain. It hardens the muscles and enhances more of the grainy, fibrous details. The result achieved is usually hard, dry, and vascular muscles.

However, the actual benefits of this SARM may be different from one genetic make up to another. This is why its use is entirely for research only. The FDA is yet to approve all these claims and benefits.

How S23 Works

As one of the most potent SARMs, S23 is seen to lower testosterone levels, which indicates that testosterone suppression will occur. S23 is a non-steroidal substance that has anabolic effects on selected tissues, more particularly in the muscles and bones, but it does not enlarge the prostate like anabolic androgenic steroids do.

Based on available research and data, S23 has been shown to be generally safe, although certain side effects like hair loss are reported in a few cases. And since it affects the levels of testosterone in the body, users are encouraged to undergo testosterone replacement therapy while on it. This is why it is referred to as the male contraceptive. However, the substance’s effects on infertility are reversed once its administration is stopped.


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