Rad140 10mg × 30ml

Rad140 10mg × 30ml


Rad140 is a type of selective androgen receptor modulator (SARMs) that is commonly known as Testolone. This research compound is being studied as it can possibly treat muscle wasting disorders, as well as certain types of cancer. While the Rad140 is not yet approved for human consumption, lab tests show that it can potentially increase muscle mass.

Rad140 has been shown to improve bone and muscle growth. Considered as anabolic compound, it works by promoting the efficient use of protein while forming new molecules in the body. Rad140 stimulates the bones and muscles while inhibiting the growth of prostate and seminal vesicles. It also doesn’t increase the quantity of liver enzymes.

The actions of Rad140 are highly comparable to that of testosterone, although by itself, it creates the very minimal effect on such a hormone. This is why it looks very promising on women who want to build more muscles but don’t want to look too masculine. However, those who are suffering from hormonal imbalances and androgen deficiencies may experience certain side effects while on it.

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Rad140 Benefits

Rad140 can greatly help in increasing muscle mass. It promotes weight gain as it stimulates the growth of the bones and muscles. It mimics benefits of testosterone without inducing the common side effects.  Aside from increasing muscle mass, Rad140 is also known to decrease fat tissues and improve stamina and endurance levels, especially during high-intensity workouts.

The use of Rad140 among cancer patients is also quite promising. It is being studied as a possible treatment for patients with breast cancer and neurodegenerative diseases. However, the main benefit of Rad140 is preventing the loss of muscle tissues. For this reason, it may also help patients with multiple sclerosis, AIDS, and other types of cancer.

Weight loss is also easier achieved through this substance. Rad140 indirectly decreases fat tissues as it increases muscle volume. It also improves one’s metabolism to further promote more fat tissue loss.

How Rad140 Works

Rad140 binds to the androgen receptor to release certain proteins in the body. While it acts like testosterone in some ways, it doesn’t affect the sex tissues and cause prostate cancer like the latter does. Rad140 only stimulates the androgen receptor in the bone and muscle cells. It has been shown to not affect the level of liver enzymes or sexual tissues in any way.

Rad140 has a higher anabolic effect than testosterone and may even reduce its side effects. Further studies are being carried out to determine if Rad140 can be used to treat different types of neurodegenerative diseases and improve overall brain health.

Rad140 is being developed by Radius, a well-respected pharmaceutical company. Their study started in 2010 and in 2017, their Investigational New Drug Application was accepted and is being reviewed by the FDA. The company is continuing to refine the drug its effects on muscle wasting while exploring the possibility of being used as the treatment for breast cancer.


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