PEG-MGF – 2mg

PEG-MGF – 2mg


MGF means Pegylated Mechano Growth Factor. This peptide is a variant of Insulin-like Growth Factor or IGF that is responsible for repairing damaged muscle and initiating satellite cellular growth. It can possibly fuel muscle development and boost stem cell count, thus allowing muscle fibers to fuse and grow.

Studies also show that peg MGF may have the ability to repair damaged muscle tissue cells in the way that’s better and faster than IGF-1. It also helps create new cells next to the damaged tissue. This peptide may be helpful to those who want to stimulate delayed muscle growth although it’s used is not yet approved for human consumption. It may be obtained for research and trial purposes only.

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PEG MGF Benefits

PEG-MGF is believed to provide a lot of benefits when released into the bloodstream. Muscle repairs itself once we sleep or take a rest. Here is where PEG-MGF can help. Studies indicate that this peptide stimulates muscle growth by creating new muscle fibers. It may also improve the muscle recovery rate of the body. Its other benefits include increased protein synthesis and nitrogen retention.

MGF is already present in the body, however, what we naturally have only exhibited local effects in the skeletal muscle. The PEG-MGF peptide, on the other hand, is a synthetic version of the same substance that can travel into the bloodstream. That is how it may possibly help the entire body in repairing and building muscle tissues.

How Does PEG-MGF Work?

Chances are high that you are already utilizing your body’s supply of MGF whenever you exert yourself.  When IGF-1 is spliced, MGF is formed. This action is called the Mechano Growth Factor, which is the body’s natural response when repairing broken down muscle tissues. MGF is also IGF-1Ec, which is a version of IGF.

MGF helps in improving the regulation of nitrogen retention and initiating protein synthesis.  The peptide PEG-MGF is known to work exactly like the body’s MGF, only better.  After intense physical stress, PEG-MGF can help in the speedy repair of the damaged muscle tissues while also aiding the growth of nearby undamaged muscled cells. This is how it can assist in building muscle fibers, especially in areas where there is minimal muscle growth.

However, there are some side effects associated with PEG-MGF. These include redness in the face and itchy skin. Working out is also necessary for this peptide to take effect. But do note that the use of peg MGF is not for human consumption. This substance is available for research and testing only.


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