Ipamorelin – 2mg

Ipamorelin – 2mg


Ipamorelin is an amino acid chain classified as a GHRP or a growth hormone releasing peptide. It is very similar to other amino acid chains in its group, such as Hexarelin, GHRP 2 and GHRP 6. Developed by Novo Nordisk, Ipamorelin was set to go through two clinical trials via Helsinn Therapeutics but the project was scrapped and the full tests were never done.

Preliminary studies show that Ipamorelin can possibly increase ghrelin to initiate the production of growth hormones. But unlike other GHRPs, this peptide doesn’t trigger an increase in hunger and won’t directly affect the levels of cortisol and the plasma growth hormone. What it does trigger is the slow and steady release of ghrelin to produce an effect that is natural to the body.

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Ipamorelin Benefits

An increase in muscle mass also means faster fat loss. This suggests that Ipamorelin may possibly help obese individuals in breaking down lipids. The substance stimulates the growth hormone to break down fats and turn them into fatty acids and glycerol. But then again, regular exercise and the proper diet are needed to make this happen.

Aside from those two main benefits, Ipamorelin also shows anti-aging effects. It promotes healthy skin, nails, and hair as well. And for those who are suffering from high blood pressure, Ipamorelin research shows that may also be beneficial.

How Ipamorelin Works

Ipamorelin triggers a selective pulse that stimulates the pituitary gland to release growth hormones. After which, the cells go to the muscle to support its development while staying clear of bone or cartilage growth. Ipamorelin promotes cell synthesis while increasing the secretion level of insulin from the pancreas. This peptide will also increase ghrelin, another substance that helps release growth hormones and also those control hunger pangs. As a result, nutrients are efficiently sent across the body while fat loss is initiated. That’s also how lean muscle mass is formed.

Studies show that Ipamorelin is one of the mildest and safest peptides in the GHRP group. However, there are still some side effects to note of. Very high doses of Ipamorelin may possibly increase cortisol, which translates to light-headedness and a minor headache. Aside from that, there may also be slight water retention noted in the wrist and ankle areas.

Ipamorelin is a well-studied peptide that provides several benefits to its animal subjects. However, no tests were done on humans just yet. Therefore, this substance is not yet recommended for human consumption. The use of this peptide is solely for research purposes.


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