GW501516 Cardarine 10mgx30ml

GW501516 Cardarine 10mgx30ml


Although GW501516 is not technically a SARM, it works very similarly to it. GW501516 was initially developed in the 1990s as a drug that can prevent and treat tumors that formed in the breasts, prostate, or colon. However, further studies show that it can also address certain metabolic disorders such as diabetes and obesity.

GW501516 was a result of the collaboration of GSK and Ligand Pharmaceuticals. However, the study was abandoned after they discovered that it may possibly cause cancer in certain organs. But even that research result was not fully substantiated. That’s why GW501516 remains to be a popular substance among athletes and bodybuilders.

But it could be for the same reason why the FDA or even the World Anti-Doping Agency is against GW501516 getting the clinical approval it seeks. Therefore, the use of this substance is not yet recommended for human consumption. It can be used for clinical testing and research only.

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GW501516 Benefits

There are many ways Cardarine or GW501516 benefits the body. In bodybuilding circles, GW501516 is referred to as the ultimate endurance enhancing supplement. When used as described, it has been shown to increase one’s energy, stamina, performance, and endurance. That’s why elite athletes, bodybuilders, and even Olympians use it, although doing so was banned during competitions. Those who have tested positive were duly suspended.

Cardarine has been shown to provide an increased intensity level in the gym. It has also been shown to give users a shorter recovery time while allowing the body to break through plateaus. In studies, the energy obtained from GW501516 won’t make one feel jittery or anxious because it doesn’t work like a stimulant. It also means that the effect of this substance won’t crash a few hours later.

GW501516 also has shown to have other benefits which include increased metabolism, prevention of obesity, improved immune system, better muscular growth, and enhanced healing of wounds. It also has shown benefits the major organs of the body such as the brain, heart, kidneys, and liver.

How GW501516 Works

GW501516 stimulates the androgen receptors that affect skeletal muscle tissue, as well as the body’s glucose uptake. It oxidizes fatty acids by rapidly melting them. This is why it is shown to be very effective in treating obesity. Cardarine can increase the body’s HDL or good cholesterol levels to an average of 79% while dramatically decreasing LDL or the bad cholesterol.

Cardarine also increases the production of the SOD1 and catalase enzymes, both of which are classified as antioxidants. In the same way, it inhibits the production of MCP-1, IL-6, TNF-alpha, and NFkB R. All of these are inflammatory molecules that the body can definitely do without.

However, the side effects of GW501516 remain to be studied. The research result that indicated that Cardarine may cause cancer in rats is not yet proven to be true for humans as well. Cardarine is also known to cause fibrosis in laboratory mice that have already developed liver disease.


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