GHRP-6 – 5mg


GHRP-6 or growth hormone-releasing peptide 6 is a chain of amino acids that belong to the GH or Growth Hormone class. It works by increasing the amount of growth hormones in the body through natural production.


  • Protect Brain Tissue
  • Scar & Skin Repair
  • Heart Muscle Health
  • Sex Motivation In Rats
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What is A GHRP?

GHRP’s Are stimulators of natural Growth Hormone Release from the “Pituitary Gland”
They also are Ghrelin/Growth Hormone receptor agonists and 1 of the several ghrelin analogues created.

GHRP-6 Benefits?

  • Protect brain tissue
    In animal models GHRP-6 has helped protect the brain during acute stroke & also rescue memory loss following a stroke if the peptide
    Is administered.

    It appears Ghrelin and it’s analogue like peptides inhibit “Apoptosis” (Cell death) and reduces inflammation response in the brain while
    Protecting neurons and the environment. Following a stroke 
  • Scar & skin repair  
    GHRP-6 improves the survival of cells by reducing the death of cells.
    The peptide interacts with CD36 receptors, which is known to promote “Blood Vessel Growth” particularly in wounded areas.Research on animals has proved the peptide to be effective in wound healing where is increased the rate of wound closure.
    Improving the formation of matrix collagen while also helping the appearance of a scar.

  • Heart muscle health
    Research has shown in porcine models of heart attacks to show that GHRP-6 can prevent oxidant cytotoxicity which is the concept of protecting heart cells from damage VIA free radicals.

    This peptide has potential to help reduce death and improve recovery from heart attacks.
  • Sex motivation Click to View Study On Rats Sexual Motivation       
    Elevated levels of Ghrelin can boost sexual motivation. This helps modulate sex behavior and reward seeking behavior.
    This not only may make sex feel better but make you seek it also. 

How Does GHRP-6 Work?

GHRP-6 promotes the production of ghrelin by stimulating the ghrelin receptors. The result is increased growth hormone production, which in turn promotes fat loss and an enhanced rate of recovery.

When used on test subjects, GHRP-6 is known to decrease body fat levels, improve sleep, and strengthen the immune system. It is also believed to provide healthier skin, stronger bones, and increased energy. However, there are a few known side effects associated with GHRP-6 and these include skin irritation, headache, tingling sensation, and gynecomastia. These are commonly observed when GHRP-6 is administered in high amounts.

The use of GHRP-6 is for research purposes only. All of the tests on this substance were performed on rodent inside laboratories. GHRP-6 is not yet approved for human consumption.




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