Epitalon – 10mg

Epitalon – 10mg


Epitalon is also known as Epithalamin, which is a peptide that’s being studied for its anti-aging effects. Epitalon exhibits great potential as an anti-oxidant. Its effects are comparable to melatonin and may possibly provide benefits related to longevity.

As a synthetically derived tetrapeptide, Epitalon consists of four amino acid chains. A Russian professor and scientist discovered this peptide. After conducting a long and tedious research on this substance, using animal and human cells for the clinical trials, he found the results he got were very promising. He was able to generate substantial results that Epitalon can possibly offer life extension and anti-aging benefits.

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Epitalon Benefits

Epitalon is believed to provide not just one of a range of benefits, the most promising one is the possible lengthening of the human lifespan. It may also boost one’s energy levels while also promoting a deeper, restful sleep.

Studies show that Epitalon increases average and maximum lifespan in rats, mice, and fruit flies. When this substance was given to the larva of these insects, their lifespan increased up to 16%. Increased enzyme activities were also observed. And despite the age of the rat subjects, their enzymes that digest protein and sugar became more active after introducing the substance.

There are findings showing that Epitalon can increase melatonin secretion to correct circadian rhythm. The studies also suggest that it may also fight cancer, treat retinitis pigmentosa, and improve antioxidant levels.  It may also be used to treat certain heart diseases and dementia.

Epitalon is said to boost energy levels and promote a deeper sleep. The substance is also helpful in healing deteriorating or injured muscle cells. There are instances wherein the skin health and appearance gets improved despite getting older.

Despite these great effects, Epithalon can’t be used for human consumption, as it has not been approved by the FDA just yet. All the benefits listed here have been proven only on laboratory test subjects and not on humans.

How Epitalon Works

The main role of Epitalon is to trigger the production of telomerase, the enzyme that helps in telomeres production. Telomeres are the protective part of the DNA. This action supports the replication of the DNA so the body can possibly grow new cells and rejuvenate the old ones.

There are no reported side effects of using Epithalon in any of the experimental and clinical trials that it has gone through. There are also no reports that Epithalon creates adverse reactions on all other test subjects. But even if this is the case, there is no way that is recommended for human consumption just yet. This substance is purely for research and testing only.


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