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Bpc157 is a synthetic pentadecapeptide, which means it is a chain of 15 amino acids. This peptide does not exist outside of our bodies so it has to be recreated in laboratories. BPC157 is patterned from the protective protein found in the stomach. Further research about this chemical shows that it can also protect the cells located in other parts of the body.

Studies show that Bpc-157 can heal ulcers, fistulas, and other intestinal damages. It may help speed up the healing of bone and joint injuries, as well as other damages sustained by the organs. This chemical chain can also possibly influence the brain after compiling all the findings from several tests done on rats.

The tests done on animals are very promising such that more researchers were needed on BPC157’s cytoprotective and wound healing abilities. It was also found out that this substance has minimal side effects on the test subjects. However, this research is performed only on rodents and test tubes. It is not intended for human consumption and may only be used for research purposes.

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Bpc157 Benefits

The tests done with Bpc157 look very promising on rodents. Studies show that this peptide can speed up tendon and ligament healing to the extent that it can possibly rival the effects of surgery. BPC157 can also counter the damaging effects in by the gut, including the ones caused by inflammatory bowel disease. This peptide can also address calcium and potassium imbalance, high blood pressure, gastric ulcers, and even alcohol intoxication. The same research also concludes that it may help diabetic patients in better managing their disease.

There are also some research showing that BPC157 has a lot of beneficial effects in bodybuilding. Since Bpc-157 promotes angiogenesis or the growth of blood vessels, it is quite popular among older bodybuilders. It is believed to heal injured muscle and bones and reattach them to the tendon.  It also helps in managing the pain that is commonly experienced by senior bodybuilders.

How BPC157 Works

Bpc157 binds with Nitric Oxide to accelerate wound healing and protect the endothelial tissues of the blood vessels. It increases the process of angiogenesis and stimulates the mRNA of the growth factor EGR-1. This is the reason why its effect is somewhat comparable to a stem cell procedure.

There is limited research around Bpc157 so there are no established side effects noted yet. Bpc-157 is technically a natural gastric juice peptide so there’s a slim chance that a big pharmaceutical company would claim a patent on it. Without such patent, no company will be given the exclusive right to have it mass produced and marketed like any other drug. The same goes for the FDA. Since this peptide is not considered as a regulated drug, it is currently not sold for human use.


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