Bpc157 5mg


Bpc157  is short for Body Protection Compound-158. BPC is found in the digestive tract mostly. It plays a huge role in the human body from damage internally, healing of injuries, and encouraging blood vessel growth to aid areas of need in of the subject.


  • Vein Growth
  • Tendon Healing
  • Wound Healing
  • Nitric Oxide Production
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What Is Bpc-157

Bpc-157 is short for Body Protection Compound-158. BPC is found in the digestive tract mostly. It plays a huge role in the test subjects from damage internally, healing of injuries, and encouraging blood vessel growth to aid areas of need in the subjects.

Bpc-157 Benefits

  • Vein Growth – Rat research shows the peptide substantially increases the rate of collateral blood vessel growth. While this effect is mostly in the GI tract is can also be regarding Cardiovascular, Brain, and Muscle Tissue aid via nitric oxide.
    Bypassing Major Venous Occlusion In Rat
  • Tendon Healing – Animal models have poor circulation and this causes tendons,ligaments etc slow recovery. Bpc-157 has shown time after time to increase collateralization & boosting of fibroblast density in tendon,ligament, and bone injuries.Bpc-157 is better than bFGF,EFG etc hormones in promoting these kinds of healing.
    Rat Achilles Tendon Study
  • Wound Healing – Bpc 157 has increased fibroblasts which are integral to wound healing properties. The cells responsible for collagen,fibrin,elastic etc are very dependent on fibroblasts.
    Wound Healing Burn Animal Subject


How BPC-157 Works

Phase 1: Inflammatory Phase

The inflammatory phase is the first phase of healing after an injury. In this phase, let’s pretend a animals Achilles tendon was extensively strained during an explosive sprint, leaving it feeling sore and painful. The inflammatory response will cause homeostasis to begin as their body seeks to maintain stable internal conditions.

Blood vessels will constrict and seal themselves off as platelets move in to clot and initially treat the wound. From there, these blood vessels will dilate and allow substances like white blood cells, antibodies, enzymes, and other beneficial elements into the affected area to promote wound healing and stave off infection.

It’s during this phase that pain, swelling, heat, and redness will occur. This stage will last for anywhere from 1-5 days.

Phase 2: Proliferation and Repair Phase

After the body has had a chance to treat the initial symptoms of the injury and stabilize internal conditions, it will then begin rebuilding tissue through a cell migration process that attracts healthy cells to the injury site.

It’s also during this phase that blood vessels must receive a sufficient supply of oxygen and nutrients to produce healthy tissue through collagen organization in open wounds, which allows for the development of a new network of blood vessels to replace the ones that were damaged.

In this specific injury, it’s important to note that the Achilles tendon is heavily composed of extracellular matrix (a building material in the body) and tendon fibroblasts, another word for elongated tendon cells. In animal models, this is where BPC 157 has had an important impact.

After BPC 157 is administered, granulation tissue, or new connective tissue, grows quicker alongside tendon fibroblasts throughout the site of injury. As a result, researchers are exploring what more this peptide can do.

Phase 3: Remodelling Phase

The remodelling phase of the healing process is the final step on the road to recovery. During this phase, the wound has largely healed but may not be back to its normal strength for upwards of 2 years. According to Advanced Tissue, “during this phase, the dermal tissues are overhauled to enhance their tensile strength and non-functional fibroblasts are replaced by functional ones.”

It would seem then that BPC 157 is a healthy, simple, and risk-free opportunity to heal the body in quicker fashion than it would normally heal on its own. Yet as with many complex ingredients that claim to possess incredible properties, issues arise as we dig further into the data.



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