Bac Water 10ml


Bac Water, which is also known as Bacteriostatic Water, is a sterile, non-pyrogenic water preparation. It is used for injection purposes, particularly on substances, chemicals, and medications that have to be diluted prior to injecting it into the body. Bac Water contains 9mg/mL of benzyl alcohol, or 9% benzyl alcohol added to the water to serve as a preservative.

Pfizer is the biggest manufacturer of Bac Water and they supply it in multiple-dose containers. Bac Water can be used for up to 28 days after being opened. Water from the vial can be repeatedly withdrawn from the 30ml vial until it is fully consumed, provided that it is done within 28 days. This is the difference between Bac Water and sterile water used for the same purpose. Sterile water comes in single-dose vials that have to be discarded after use. Bac Water, on the other hand, can be duly stored and reused.


Bac Water Benefits

The body is composed of 70% water. It is present in all body tissues, which is why it has to be replenished when excreted through urine or perspiration. Bac Water is used for diluting or dissolving drugs that have to be injected into the body.  This is necessary so that the medication flows easily into the bloodstream.

Using Bac Water instead of sterile water is advisable for individuals who tend to repeatedly self-administer medications. Storing one vial of Bac Water compared to several bottles of sterile water is definitely more convenient and economical. Chemically designated as H2O, Bac Water is sold in semi-rigid containers made of special plastic, which is confirmed safe for use according to USP standards.

How Bac Water Works

Bac Water dilutes the medication that has to be administered to the body. This extra high-quality water does not contain contaminants that could create any adverse effect in the body. If neither Bac Water or sterile water is used for diluting, then the breakdown of red blood cells may occur, which in turn, may result in kidney problems. Aside from ensuring the health of the body during an intravenous injection, Bac Water also contains agents that may stop bacterial growth.

However, the use of Bac Water on infants aged one-month-old or less is discouraged. Research shows that Bac Water can be toxic for infants of this age. In the same way, it can’t be used on pregnant women. Some of the other side effects noted include febrile response, abscess, local tenderness, and tissue necrosis, among others.

Bac Water should only be used as diluent or solvent. It should be used with special care when used in infants. It is generally safe for an adult to use up to 30ml of sterile water with no known toxic side effects. However, for infants weighing 6 kg, no more than 9 ml should be used. It is safer to use sterile water for them instead.


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